Meet and Greet Services – River Cruise Port Budapest

Meet and Greet Services in Budapest, Hungary

Our Budapest ShipStation – River Cruise Port Transfer online ordering is simple and fast. You just enter the name of the ship and we take care of the pickup. We always check the exact port of the ship. Sometimes ships move between Budapest Ports, but you don’t have to worry. Van & Bus Budapest Ltd. customer service keeps track of which Budapest Port your ship is in online.

We always check online the exact port location of the ship because sometimes the ship moving between the ports. The driver will be waiting inside the ship reception with a sign with your name on it. Easy and stress-free transfer to Budapest Airport.

River Cruise Port Transfer Budapest

Ship Station – Destination. Our prices in 2023.VAN: max. 7 passengersBUS: max. 20 passengers
Vehicle types:Mercedes V-Class, VitoMercedes Benz Sprinter
Budapest River Cruise Port -> to Budapest AirportEUR 155.-EUR 195.-
Budapest River Cruise Port -> to City CentreEUR 145.-EUR 175.-
River Cruise Port -> to Budapest Train StationEUR 145.-EUR 175.-
Our prices are valid from January 1, 2023, in the case of the Budapest River Cruise Dock pickup point.

Cost of van rental or bus rental with driver in 2023 – River Cruise Port in Budapest: Hourly ride Service

Hourly ride service – Our prices in 2023.VAN: max. 7 passengersBUS: max. 20 passengers
Vehicle types:Mercedes V-Class, VitoMercedes Benz Sprinter
3 hour rental: Included in max. 50 kmEUR 200.-EUR 250.-
4 hour rental: Included in max. 100 kmEUR 250.-EUR 300.-
6 hour rental: Included in max. 150 kmEUR 350.-EUR 400.-
8 hour rental: Included in max. 200 kmEUR 400.-EUR 450.-
10 hour rental: Included in max. 250 kmEUR 450.-EUR 500.-
12 hour rental: Included in max. 300 kmEUR 500.-EUR 550.-
Our prices are valid from January 1, 2023, in the case of the Budapest pickup point. View our cancellation policy here >

Your driver will waiting for you at the ship’s reception to personally welcome you and help you to navigate the first leg of your trip. The driver will help you safely stow your luggage, and then take you to the specified destination, whether it is Budapest Downtown, Budapest Airport, or a Long-distance transfer to Hungary or Vienna. Please remember that you can rely on us for safe short and long-distance travel wherever possible.

2023 Transfer prices from downtown Budapest or from Budapest Airport to the Budapest River Cruise Terminal:

VAN rental with driver: Mercedes Benz V-Class


BUS rental with driver: Mercedes Benz Sprinter


Whether you are a tourist itching to see the sights of Hungary, or a business professional with no time to waste, partner with our Meet and Greet Service to get you from Budapest Shipstation, to on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

River Cruise Dock Budapest – Let us make your travel experience easy.

Meet and Greet services with Van & Bus Budapest Ltd. will escort you through every step of the way, making sure your travel experience is stress-free from start to finish for one reasonable price. Van & Bus Budapest Ltd. prides itself on transparency, which is why you won’t receive any hidden fees when you book a River Cruise Transfer with us and the price you see is the price you pay! Contact us for more information or book your River Cruise Dock Budapest Transfer online today!

Where does Viking Cruise dock in Budapest?

The River Cruise ship port of the Danube is located in downtown Budapest, from the Liberty bridge to the Margaret bridge. There are several Budapest piers on both banks of the Danube. Viking River Cruise Ships usually dock at the Chain Bridge bridgehead in Pest side or between Elizabeth bridge and Liberty bridge on the Pest side.

We provide private bus transfers for small and large groups to or from Budapest Ship Station:

AmaWaterways™ River Cruise Line
Avalon Waterways® River Cruises
Viking River Cruises®


At Van & Bus Budapest Ltd., we believe your time is valuable. This is why we make it our duty to see that you make it to your destination quickly and efficiently. Our River Cruise Dock and Airport Meet and Greet Services in Budapest, Hungary will make sure you are not wasting any valuable time on your trip, and will provide you the perfect stress-free start or finish to your vacation or business trip.

VAN rental with driver – Mercedes Benz V-Class

Whether your business or private trip, book our VAN services with a driver by the hour, be free to go wherever you need to go and make as many stops as you like.

With our River Cruise Dock Meet and Greet Services in Budapest, you will enjoy the comfort of knowing you have a professional by your side who will guide you through your Budapest shipstation experience in style. Whether you are just arriving, catching a departing River Cruise Ship, or in transit, Van & Bus Budapest Ltd. guarantees your comfort and peace of mind.

BUS rental with driver – Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Rent a bus for sightseeing, prom, a wedding, a big night out, or even a corporate event. It is also possible to rent several days for rural trips at a discounted price.

Van & Bus Budapest Ltd. is also approved by the Ministry of Transport and are proud members of the National Bus Association. As such, each of our drivers undergo a thorough screening process to ensure that our passengers have a quality experience with a driver they can trust. The safety and needs and comfort of our clients are our top priority. Van & Bus Budapest Ltd. prides itself on providing customer care and ensuring a great experience.

We can give you hourly rental prices, which we apply within Budapest. Thus, we can give you a few pointers to help you start planning your budget. If you want to get to a destination outside Budapest, we can send you a personalized accurate quote.

River Cruising in Budapest – Docking Locations:

VIKING IDUN2022.10.308:30Budapest NH42022.11.0118:00
AMAVENITA2022.10.3115:30Budapest NH22022.11.0317:30
AMADEUS QUEEN(1)2022.10.3113:00Budapest NH72022.11.0112:00
AMAVERDE2022.10.3119:00Budapest NH22022.11.0113:30
VIKING VILHJALM2022.10.3123:30Budapest NH42022.11.0320:00
SAVOR2022.11.016:30Budapest NH82022.11.0212:00
SCENIC PEARL2022.11.017:00KalocsaKalocsa 12022.11.019:30
SPIRIT OF THE DANUBE2022.11.018:00EsztergomEsztergom 12022.11.0113:30
VIKING EMBLA2022.11.018:30Budapest NH42022.11.0318:00
AVALON VIEW2022.11.019:00Budapest NH72022.11.0218:00
VIVALDI2022.11.019:00Budapest NH12022.11.0121:00
S.S. BEATRICE2022.11.0112:00Budapest NH52022.11.0121:00
VIKING ULLUR2022.11.0112:30KalocsaKalocsa 12022.11.0119:30
SCENIC PEARL2022.11.0113:00SoltSolt2022.11.0114:00
SPIRIT OF THE DANUBE2022.11.0118:30Budapest NH22022.11.0317:00
S.S. BEATRICE2022.11.0122:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.0212:00
VIKING ULLUR2022.11.027:00Budapest NH52022.11.0220:00
VIKING VALI2022.11.028:30Budapest NH42022.11.0418:00
AMADEUS ELEGANT (1)2022.11.0211:30Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.0313:30
TRAVELMARVEL VEGA2022.11.035:00Budapest NH22022.11.0513:00
VIKING ULLUR2022.11.036:30KalocsaKalocsa 12022.11.0312:30
VIKING MIMIR2022.11.038:30Budapest NHDráva utca 22022.11.0318:00
PRIMADONNA (4)2022.11.039:00Budapest NHBem tér 22022.11.0321:30
VIKING TOR2022.11.039:00Budapest NHDráva utca 22022.11.0317:00
NICKOVISION2022.11.0312:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.0317:00
WILLIAM WORDSWORTH2022.11.0313:00VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.0315:00
NICKOVISION2022.11.0317:30Budapest NH62022.11.0412:00
WILLIAM WORDSWORTH2022.11.0317:30Budapest NH22022.11.0416:00
VIKING TOR2022.11.0317:30Budapest NH52022.11.058:30
VIKING MIMIR2022.11.0318:30Budapest NH52022.11.0518:00
AMAVENITA2022.11.0319:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.0322:30
AMADEUS ELEGANT (1)2022.11.0319:00EsztergomEsztergom 12022.11.0319:15
PRIMADONNA (4)2022.11.047:00KalocsaKalocsa 12022.11.0419:30
VIKING SKADI2022.11.048:30Budapest NH42022.11.0618:00
VIKTORIA (2)2022.11.049:00Budapest NH12022.11.0420:45
VIKING GULLVEIG2022.11.049:00Budapest NH42022.11.068:30
ARIANA (2)2022.11.0412:00KalocsaKalocsa 22022.11.0418:00
VIKING RINDA2022.11.0423:30Budapest NH42022.11.0720:00
VIKING BALDUR2022.11.058:30Budapest NH52022.11.0718:00
VIKING ATLA2022.11.059:00Budapest NH52022.11.078:30
VIVALDI2022.11.059:00Budapest NH12022.11.0521:00
AMALEA2022.11.059:30Budapest NH62022.11.0517:30
PRINZESSIN ISABELLA2022.11.059:30EsztergomEsztergom 12022.11.0511:30
VIKING TOR2022.11.0512:30VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.0513:00
AMALEA2022.11.0519:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.0617:30
VIKING MODI2022.11.068:30Budapest NH42022.11.0812:00
AMABELLA2022.11.069:30Budapest NH22022.11.0617:30
VIKING GULLVEIG2022.11.0612:30VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.0613:00
AMALEA2022.11.0619:00Budapest NH22022.11.0717:00
AMABELLA2022.11.0619:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.083:00
VIKING GEFJON2022.11.078:30Budapest NH42022.11.0818:00
VIKING ATLA2022.11.0712:30VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.0713:00
VIKING INGVI2022.11.0723:30Budapest NH42022.11.1020:00
VIKING VIDAR2022.11.088:30Budapest NH52022.11.0915:00
AVALON ILLUMINATION2022.11.089:00Budapest NH72022.11.1216:00
VIKING VIDAR2022.11.0812:30KalocsaKalocsa 12022.11.0819:30
VIKING VIDAR2022.11.097:00Budapest NH42022.11.1018:00
AMADEUS ELEGANT (1)2022.11.0911:30Budapest NH22022.11.1013:30
RIVER SPLENDOR2022.11.105:00Budapest NH52022.11.1218:00
VIKING VAR2022.11.109:00Budapest NH42022.11.1115:00
PRINZESSIN ISABELLA2022.11.109:30EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.1011:30
AMASONATA2022.11.1012:00EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.1013:30
AMASONATA2022.11.1017:30Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.1113:00
AMADEUS ELEGANT (1)2022.11.1019:00EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.1019:15
VIKING EGIL2022.11.119:00Budapest NH42022.11.138:30
AMASONATA2022.11.1113:30Budapest NHBem tér 22022.11.2413:00
VIKING KADLIN2022.11.1123:30Budapest NH42022.11.1420:00
VIKING JARL2022.11.129:00Budapest NH42022.11.148:30
AMAMAGNA2022.11.1213:00Budapest NH22022.11.1218:00
AMAMAGNA2022.11.1219:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.1317:30
VIKING ROLF2022.11.138:30Budapest NH42022.11.1415:00
AMAVERDE2022.11.139:30Budapest NH22022.11.1317:30
VIKING EGIL2022.11.1312:30VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.1313:00
AMAVERDE2022.11.1319:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.1417:30
AMAMAGNA2022.11.1319:00Budapest NH52022.11.141:00
AMAMAGNA2022.11.148:45EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.1414:45
VIKING JARL2022.11.1412:30VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.1413:00
AMAVENITA2022.11.1416:00KalocsaKalocsa 12022.11.1419:30
AMAVERDE2022.11.1419:00Budapest NH22022.11.1513:30
VIKING VILHJALM2022.11.1423:30Budapest NH42022.11.1720:00
VIKING AEGIR2022.11.158:30Budapest NH42022.11.1615:00
AMAVENITA2022.11.158:30Budapest NH22022.11.1713:00
PRINZESSIN ISABELLA2022.11.159:30EsztergomEsztergom 32022.11.1511:30
VIKING ULLUR2022.11.1512:30KalocsaKalocsa 12022.11.1519:30
VIKING ULLUR2022.11.167:00Budapest NH52022.11.1615:00
VIKING TIR2022.11.168:30Budapest NH42022.11.1818:00
EXCELLENCE BARONESS2022.11.1614:00Budapest NH12022.11.1715:00
TRAVELMARVEL POLARIS2022.11.178:30Budapest NH62022.11.1913:00
VIKING BRAGI2022.11.188:30Budapest NH42022.11.2018:00
VIKING GULLVEIG2022.11.189:00Budapest NH52022.11.208:30
VIKING RINDA2022.11.1823:30Budapest NH52022.11.2120:00
VIKING MAGNI2022.11.198:30Budapest NH52022.11.2118:00
VIKING ATLA2022.11.199:00Budapest NH42022.11.218:30
PRINZESSIN ISABELLA2022.11.209:30EsztergomEsztergom 32022.11.2011:30
VIKING GULLVEIG2022.11.2012:30VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.2013:00
AMABELLA2022.11.214:15Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.2117:30
VIKING VE2022.11.218:30Budapest NH42022.11.2215:00
RIVER VOYAGER (1)2022.11.2110:00Budapest NH62022.11.2215:00
VIKING ATLA2022.11.2112:30VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.2113:00
AMABELLA2022.11.2119:00Budapest NH22022.11.2217:00
VIKING INGVI2022.11.2123:30Budapest NH42022.11.2420:00
ARIANA (2)2022.11.227:30EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.228:30
ARIANA (2)2022.11.2212:30Budapest NH12022.11.2314:00
EXCELLENCE BARONESS2022.11.2214:00Budapest NH22022.11.2315:00
SCENIC OPAL2022.11.2222:00EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.2222:15
AMASONATA2022.11.2413:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.2521:30
AMASONATA2022.11.2413:30Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.2521:30
SCENIC JEWEL2022.11.2422:00EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.2422:15
VIKING EGIL2022.11.259:00Budapest NH42022.11.278:30
VIVALDI2022.11.259:00Budapest NH22022.11.2521:00
PRINZESSIN ISABELLA2022.11.259:30EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.2511:30
VIKING KADLIN2022.11.2523:30Budapest NH42022.11.2820:00
RIVER SPLENDOR2022.11.263:00Budapest NH62022.11.2818:00
VIKING JARL2022.11.269:00Budapest NH42022.11.288:30
AMAMAGNA2022.11.2613:00Budapest NH22022.11.2618:00
AMAMAGNA2022.11.2619:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.2717:30
AMAVERDE2022.11.279:30Budapest NH22022.11.2717:30
VIKING EGIL2022.11.2712:30VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.2713:00
VISTA STAR (2)2022.11.2714:00Budapest NH82022.11.2720:00
AMAVERDE2022.11.2719:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.11.2817:30
AMAMAGNA2022.11.2719:00Budapest NH22022.11.2814:00
WILLIAM WORDSWORTH2022.11.286:00EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.2812:00
VIKING JARL2022.11.2812:30VisegrádVisegrád2022.11.2813:00
WILLIAM WORDSWORTH2022.11.2815:30Budapest NH52022.11.2913:30
AMAREINA2022.11.2815:30Budapest NH22022.11.3013:00
AMAVERDE2022.11.2819:00Budapest NH22022.11.298:45
VIKING VILHJALM2022.11.2823:30Budapest NH42022.12.0120:00
DER KLEINE PRINZ2022.11.298:00Budapest NH82022.11.2919:30
ADORA2022.11.298:30EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.299:00
VIVALDI2022.11.299:00Budapest NH12022.11.2921:00
ADORA2022.11.2913:00Budapest NH62022.11.2922:30
AMAVERDE2022.11.2913:45EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.2914:30
A-SILVER2022.11.308:30EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.309:00
VIKING VALI2022.11.308:30Budapest NH42022.12.0218:00
PRINZESSIN ISABELLA2022.11.309:30EsztergomEsztergom 22022.11.3011:30
A-SILVER2022.11.3013:00Budapest NH62022.11.3021:30
S.S. MARIA THERESA2022.12.018:30Budapest NH62022.12.0121:00
TRAVELMARVEL VEGA2022.12.018:30Budapest NH62022.12.0313:00
VIKING MIMIR2022.12.018:30Budapest NH42022.12.0215:00
AMAVIOLA2022.12.019:30Budapest NH22022.12.0117:30
EMILY BRONTÉ2022.12.0110:00Budapest NH22022.12.0214:00
AMAVIOLA2022.12.0119:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.12.0217:30
S.S. MARIA THERESA2022.12.0122:00Budapest NHGaram u. 12022.12.0221:00
WILLIAM WORDSWORTH2022.12.025:00Budapest NH22022.12.0314:00
VIKING SKADI2022.12.028:30Budapest NH42022.12.0418:00
VIKING GULLVEIG2022.12.029:00Budapest NH52022.12.048:30
VISTA STAR (2)2022.12.0214:00Budapest NH82022.12.0220:00
AMAVIOLA2022.12.0219:00Budapest NH22022.12.0313:30
S.S. MARIA THERESA2022.12.0222:00Budapest NH62022.12.0321:00
VIKING RINDA2022.12.0223:30Budapest NH42022.12.0520:00

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