Price of bus rental with driver in Budapest – Hourly ride

How much does it cost to rent a bus in Budapest? Are you traveling to Budapest?

So, if you’re thinking about booking a van or bus for your trip, you’re probably wondering how much it might cost. Van & Bus Budapest Ltd. is a small, family-owned company started by two people who dreamed of running their own business.

You can be sure that you will get the bus rental with a driver in Budapest at an affordable price. We’re fully insured, and we have an experienced staff that knows how to drive safely all types of vehicles.

We can give you hourly rental prices, which we apply within Budapest. Thus, we can give you a few pointers to help you start planning your budget. If you want to get to a destination outside Budapest, we can send you a personalized accurate quote.

Private Van and Bus Hourly Ride Service in Budapest, Hungary

Service on an hourly rate basis. We require a 3-hour rental minimum. If you choose the hourly rate service, the driver will be with you all the way and will wait in the parking lot. So, the driver is waiting for you, and you can continue your journey at any time.

Save time with one VAN or BUS and driver for your multi-stop trips. You can choose the number of hours you want to keep the VAN or BUS, from 3 Hours up to 12 Hours. Regardless of whether it’s private sightseeing, employee shuttle, sports competition, wedding, school field trip, or anything else, renting the buses or van for hours can be yours.

Cost of van rental or bus rental with driver in 2023 – Hourly ride service Budapest, Hungary

Hourly ride service – Our prices in 2023.VAN: max. 7 passengersBUS: max. 20 passengers
Vehicle types:Mercedes V-Class, VitoMercedes Benz Sprinter
3-hour rental: Included in max. 50 kmEUR 200.-EUR 250.-
4-hour rental: Included in max. 100 kmEUR 250.-EUR 300.-
6-hour rental: Included in max. 150 kmEUR 350.-EUR 400.-
8-hour rental: Included in max. 200 kmEUR 400.-EUR 450.-
10-hour rental: Included in max. 250 kmEUR 450.-EUR 500.-
12-hour rental: Included in max. 300 kmEUR 500.-EUR 550.-
Our prices are valid from January 1, 2023, in the case of the Budapest pickup point. View our cancellation policy here >

The number of hours you choose (from 3 Hours to 12 Hours) is the minimum amount you pay. Extra charges over and above your booking would be for every additional km and the parking price will be as per your city. Parking charges to be paid to the driver in cash. Our fixed prices include all other costs in 2023: highway toll, Meet & Greet services, all taxes, and VAT.

VAN rental with driver – Mercedes Benz V-Class

Whether your business or private trip, book our VAN services with a driver by the hour, be free to go wherever you need to go and make as many stops as you like.

BUS rental with driver – Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Rent a bus for sightseeing, prom, a wedding, a big night out, or even a corporate event. It is also possible to rent several days for rural trips at a discounted price.

Make as many stops as you want: as plans evolve & you move along your day, you can add and remove stops. No hassles of driving or parking. Move around town all day without worrying about finding parking spots or driving in traffic. Hop in and hop off as you need.

Airport Private Transfer in Budapest, Hungary – uniform prices for all Terminals in 2023

BUD Airport fixed price 2023VAN: max. 7 passengersBUS: max. 20 passengers
Vehicle types:Mercedes V-Class, VitoMercedes Benz Sprinter
One way transferEUR 145.-EUR 175.-
Round tripEUR 275.-EUR 335.-
One-way private transfer: Budapest Airport to Budapest City Centre or Budapest City Centre to Budapest Airport

When booking a Budapest Airport Private transfer, the Meet and Greet service is a standard service at our company. So, our fixed prices include the Meet and Greet service and don’t have to extra pay for it. Your driver will be waiting for you at the arrival terminal with a sign displaying your name.

Our ​price includes all fees: flight delay, parking fee, highway toll, Meet & Greet services, all taxes, and VAT. Round Trip Discount – Save 10 EUR. Discount applicable on a Round Trip from Budapest Airport (any terminal) to Budapest City Centre and back to Budapest Airport within one week.

How much are minibus rentals?

We cannot provide prices in advance from Budapest Airport to any destination in Hungary or beyond. There are a lot of factors that go into calculating the price of a bus or van, from obvious ones like how long you need it, distance, length of trip, time of year, pick-up and drop-off city, amenities on the bus.

And here are some additional costs: tolls, parking fees, the cost of a room for your driver (overnight trips only), tips (optional, but roughly 10% in cash is recommended). Per-hour prices are used for trips that last less than a full day, while multi-day trips are charged either by day or by km. Longer-distance trips are more likely to be charged by the km.

Mercedes Sprinter MiniBus

The Mercedes Sprinter is always the first choice for day trips or trips lasting several days with small groups. Thanks to its compactness, even on routes where a compact and the handy bus is required.

Our staff knows how to provide personable service that delivers the comfort and peace of mind our clients deserve. Whether your group is looking to visit thermal spas, Danube-tour, or any destination in between, we have the equipment and personnel to provide a memorable experience. Rent a bus for sightseeing, prom, a wedding, a big night out, or even a corporate event. It is also possible to rent several days for rural trips at a discounted price.

Budapest The Citadella Shuttle
Budapest Buda Castle

The transportation department at Van & Bus Budapest Ltd. takes pride in the way its buses look and run. Transporting 250-400 passengers daily on 15 buses and 20 vans, the company does all of its own maintenance in a new, state-of-the-art bus shop with six open bays. In their previous shop, mechanics could work on only two buses at a time.

The new shop, which opened in January, boasts a machine shop, tire-changing room, upholstery room, wash rack, and paint booth. Matt Filling, the transportation supervisor, points out that a monthly maintenance program has been carried out consistently and that his department has received perfect state inspections for the past few years.

Here are some recent awards we’ve received, publisher of Vállalkozói Hitel és Támogatás and founder of the Banking & Finance Awards. Bus Awards, the most coveted award in the private transport industry. In addition, our Career Growth Workplace Program has already won two awards.

Fleet Maintenance and Safety Rules

Matt Filling, who also plans to provide CPR and first aid training to all his drivers, believes strongly in preventive maintenance as a means of ensuring safety. The Director of operations feels that Van & Bus Budapest Ltd. is lucky to have Matt.

In addition, the winter climate necessitates door-to-door service — for all passengers. The adverse winter weather affects more than routing and scheduling. The buses themselves are vulnerable to harsh conditions and require special protection. When not in use, the buses are stored indoors. They’re equipped with an average of five heaters to keep the engine, battery, and other vital parts functioning and are plugged into electric outlets whenever parked outdoors to prevent freezing of fluids.

Fleet maintenance is one of Van & Bus Budapest Ltd.’s strengths, and it shows exemplary inspection results, which state officials say are among the best. Matt Filling, the transportation supervisor, credits a rigorous 110-step summer inspection of each vehicle. The Van & Bus Budapest Ltd.’s three mechanics are all ASE-certified as Master Technicians.

Van & Bus RENTAL SERVICE in Budapest, Hungary

Book online a Private Budapest Airport Transfer at a great price in 2023! Our Budapest private airport transfers contain all costs. There is no surcharge if the flight is delayed, there is no booking fee, no hidden costs.

VAN rental with driver: Mercedes Benz V-Class


BUS rental with driver: Mercedes Benz Sprinter


Hourly Service Budapest, Hungary – Bus and Van Hourly Rate

Hourly VAN rental is perfect for shopping tours in Budapest, sightseeing in Hungary, multiple business meetings and clients that need to be at multiple places in one day, nights out on the town, as well as those times when you are simply not sure when you will need to be picked up and taken to your next destination. You can enjoy our private VAN rental service for a few hours or an entire day.

You can do your business or have fun with your friends without having to think about transportation in Budapest. Our VANs are a perfect choice for your family trips in the Budapest area, as well as any business trip that includes a small group of your colleagues or employees. There are also Mercedes buses for larger groups, no matter if the reason is a business conference or a big party.

Chauffeur Service – Van Rental, Bus Rental with driver

Book our VAN and BUS services by the hour, be free to go wherever you need to go and make as many stops as you like. For private or business reasons, you will realize all of your plans but remain liberated of any stress that usually comes with traffic, parking spots, and bad transportation.

Our professional chauffeur will help you with luggage and give you tips on the best places in Budapest to visit. Our driver will open doors for you, help you in and out of the vehicle and provide you with refreshments if you need them.

Contact Us – Send Us a Message

Book your hourly van or bus service in just a few minutes and get the experience of a personal chauffeur that will make your day easier and more effective. If you are not sure what kind of transportation would best suit your needs, our staff will readily recommend the best solution for you. Book your bus by the hour any time, because we are at your disposal 24/7 all year round.

To help you see how these estimates come together with additional costs, we’ve provided a few sample trips below. Keep in mind that none of these will exactly reflect your trip, but they may help you get an idea of how much a bus rental typically costs.

Half-day Budapest tour price with sightseeing

Through the Chain Bridge, we visit the Buda Castle District: Buda Palace, ​Matthias Church, and the Fishermen’s Bastion. The tour continues with a drive to the Citadel atop Gellért Hill, where you’ll marvel at the panoramic views of the city. You’ll then travel across the Elizabeth Bridge to the Pest side to see the famous Central Market Hall and Europe’s largest synagogue, followed by a drive to the city park.

Along the way, you’ll pass the largest thermal spa in Europe and the Budapest Zoo, and then stop at Heroes’ Square, where you’ll find statues of famed Hungarian kings and dukes. The tour continues from here down Andrássy Avenue to downtown Pest, passing the Opera House and St. Stephen’s Basilica.

At the Parliament Building, you’ll get off for the guided tour. Designed by the renowned Hungarian architect, Imre Steindl, the building was inspired in part by the Palace of Westminster and is the largest Parliament building in the world. Inside, see the splendid session room, the richly decorated central staircase, and the great vaulted hall. You’ll have the opportunity to see the cupola room as well, which houses the Crown Jewels and the Hungarian Holy Crown.

Sample order

Service:Private Budapest Sightseeing with a tour guide
Number of guests:18
Pieces of luggage:0
Type of vehicle:Transfer up to 20 passengers / Mercedes Sprinter Bus
Number of vehicles:1

Order price offer in 2023

Price per hour€ 75 (x 4)
Tourist guide€ 250 (optional)
Cost€ 550
Tip€ 55 (optional, but roughly 10% in cash is recommended)
Total cost€ 605
Cost per personEUR 34.-

Multi-day bus rental – Conference

A group of coworkers from Budapest are attending a conference at Lake Balaton. In addition to getting from Budapest City Centre to Balaton for the conference, they want to explore a few attractions during their stay. They’ve planned a group outing to Thermal Lake of Hévíz and another to the Abbey of Tihany Church after their meetings are over. Their trip will last three nights and four days, and because they’re only going a short distance, they opt for a 20-passenger minibus.

Sample order

Service:4-day rental with driver – Private transfer
Number of guests:18
Pieces of luggage:18
Type of vehicle:Transfer up to 20 passengers / Mercedes Sprinter Bus
Number of vehicles:1

Order price offer in 2023

Price per day€ 300 (x 4)
Tolls€ 50
Overnight parking for the bus€ 30 (x 3)
Room for the bus driver€ 90 (x 3)
Cost€ 1610
Tip€ 161 (optional)
Total cost€ 1770
Cost per personEUR 99.-

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