Transfer: FINA World Championships Budapest 2022 Hungary

Van and Bus Private Transfer | World Swimming Championships: Budapest, Hungary 18 Jun – 03 Jul 2022

Budapest is set to hold the FINA World Championships from 18 June – to 3 July 2022, a move that ensures athletes have a global aquatics championship to target in the summer of 2022. The event will feature five out of the six aquatics disciplines: Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Open Water, and Artistic Swimming.

The 2022 World Swimming Championships will be held between June 18 and July 3 in Budapest, Debrecen, Sopron, and Szeged by the International Swimming Association (FINA) and the Hungarian Swimming Association. We provide private transfers to all cities for small and large groups.

The World Cup will start on June 18 and run until July 3. Swimming and diving competitions will take place in the Danube Arena, diving will take place in the Széchy Basin on Margaret Island, open-water swimmers will compete on Lake Lupa, and in addition to the island’s Hajós swimming pool in Debrecen, Sopron, and Szeged. Minibusses and vans are available for daily rental.

The International Swimming Association (FINA) has approved the exact program of the World Championships in Budapest in June, the Hungarian Swimming Association said in a statement. The swimming competitions will take place in the first half of the World Cup (June 18-25), the finals will start every day at 6 pm in the Danube Arena – and the evening for sports fans promises to be quite busy during this period, as the Hungarian water polo teams will play their group matches on Margaret Island from 9 pm. We provide private transfers between Margaret Island and Budapest Airport, as well as to Budapest city center.

The program of the 2022 FINA World Cup in Budapest has been completed, the structure of which is in line with everything that has already been said in connection with the February announcement: that is, Hungary only organizes competitions in existing facilities. “This will be the first FINA World Championship without temporary pools since 1991, it is a significant cost-cutting factor, and it has another positive message when sustainability and water use are more important than ever,” said Sándor Wladár, MÚSZ and the chairman of the organizing committee.

According to the plans, in the first half of the World Championship (June 18-25, ie from Saturday to Saturday) the swimming competitions will be held in the Danube Arena – the preliminary races will start at 9 am every day, while the semi-finals will start at 6 pm. Unlike before, the men’s 400 handed out medals on the first day (this was the last day at the World Cup), while the women’s 400 moved on to the closing day. Watching the program, Hungarian swimmers get excited almost every day: in addition to the men’s 400 mixed, the opening day is the 4 × 100 men’s quick relay, where the Hungarian four won bronze for five years.

European champion Szabó in Szebastia can excel on the second day of the men’s 50 butterflies, and then there is the women’s 200 mixed finals, the most anticipated event, the finale of the men’s 200 butterflies – in which Kristóf Milák swam the cosmic world record at the last World Cup – June 21 next, on Tuesday, the next day the women’s 200 butterflies will come, in which Kapás Boglárka is the defending champion. Milák, a silver medalist in the 100 Olympic butterflies, can try another siege against the American Caeleb Dressel on Friday, June 24, who proved to be the most successful at the World Cup in Budapest with seven gold medals in 2017.

In parallel, the swimming competitions will take place in the Széchy Basin on Margaret Island – the water depth requirement is 3 meters at the course, this was the case at the 2006 and 2010 World Championships in Debrecen, Sopron, and Szeged. In each city there will be fights for a group of men and women, ie fans will be able to watch two matches in the afternoon – except for Margaret Island, where the Hungarian men’s and women’s national teams will play, here to avoid a collision with the swimming match, the first matches at 7.30 pm- The Hungarians start in the water from 9 pm. We provide direct private bus transfers from Budapest Airport with the Meet & Greet Service.

In the second “half” of the World Cup in the straight knockout stage of the water polo tournament, all matches in the upper house will be played in the Boat, while 9-16. The allocators for the seats will be held in Szeged. This week, the artificial jumpers will compete in the Danube Arena, while the open-air swimming competitions, which also deserve special attention from the Hungarian point of view, will start with a relay race on Lupa Lake on Sunday, the next day the 5km numbers will take place.

The starters will swim 10km, while on Thursday the 30th, the 25km will be swept by the starters, including the 5km world champion defending champion, the 10km Olympic silver medalist Kristóf Rasovszky and the second European Championship, Italian fourth Anna Anna. The finals of the water polo tournament are due on the weekend of July 2-3, with the ladies jumping into the pool at 8 pm on Saturday night.

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